Fact Gathering

Title IX Investigator Training—Fact Gathering

Conducting Fair, Thorough, and Trauma Informed Investigations

This training is designed to assist attendees with meeting the compliance obligations of the 2024 Title IX regulation mandates and will equip investigators and other professionals with the knowledge and skills to go beyond compliance and work towards best practices.

Grand River Solutions skilled facilitators utilize their first-hand experiences and knowledge of best practices to guide participants through this intensive and practical training. It will provide a detailed overview of best practices for investigating reports of sexual harassment and sexual and interpersonal violence. It addresses the practical application of trauma-informed principles when conducting fair, neutral, and thorough investigations.

Participants learn tools and strategies to assist in effectively and efficiently executing responsibilities as an investigator. Participants also learn process and best practices for developing and using checklists and templates as well as best practices for communication, and record keeping.

This course serves as a part-one for investigators charged with fact-finding and analysis.

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The agenda includes:   

  • An overview of the regulatory requirements for conducting investigations and the practical implications of these requirements.   
  • How to serve impartially, including by avoiding prejudgment of the facts at issue, conflicts of interest, and bias.  
  • The proper application of trauma-informed practices.  
  • Developing an investigation strategy.  
  • Party and witness interviews, evidence identification, collection, and analysis.  
  • Understanding issues of relevance and other evidentiary concerns.  
  • How to structure an investigation file and an investigation report that fairly summarizes relevant evidence.  


Intended Audience

  • Title IX Coordinators
  • Deputy Title IX Coordinators
  • Title IX or Civil Rights Investigators
  • Decision-makers
  • Appeal Decision-makers
  • Intake/Case Coordinators
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Student Conduct Professionals
  • Legal Counsel
  • Law Enforcement/Campus Safety/School Resource Officers
  • Compliance and Risk Management Professionals (Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, ADA/Section 504, AA, EEO, Clery)
  • Hearing/Process Advisors
  • Attorneys Serving as Advisors
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Professionals

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