Campus Climate Surveys

Grand River Solutions helps communities find the meaning in data through our Sexual Misconduct and Access, Culture & Community climate surveys. Our campus climate surveys for both students and employees are aimed at lowering barriers to access, completion, and implementation. The surveys utilize leading statistical tools and data analysis techniques to improve completion rates, assess institutional challenges, and help communities build on existing strengths. 




Our innovative surveys are designed to assess areas of improvement specific to your campus, generate actionable insights, and help institutions build on their existing strengths. We are committed to ensuring our surveys are reliable, accessible, and lead to practical recommendations specific to your community. The survey questions ask about sexual misconduct and include topics of sexual assault, stalking, harassment, and intimate partner violence as well as policy knowledge.


What’s Measured?

  • Prevalence
  • Reporting
  • Knowledge of Campus Policies and Resources
  • Campus Climate
  • Bystander Intervention (student survey)
  • Student Disclosures (employee survey)



We are committed to ensuring our surveys are reliable, accessible, and lead to practical recommendations specific to your community. Our innovative surveys are designed to assess areas of improvement, generate actionable insights, and help institutions build on strengths. We can help your community cultivate long-term, systemic change by utilizing our data-driven survey strategy. Survey topics include campus culture and connectedness, prevalence of discrimination, reporting procedures, and knowledge of policies and resources.


What’s Measured?

  • Campus Culture
  • Prevalence of Discrimination
  • Reporting
  • Access
  • Knowledge of Policies and Resources

A Leader in Compliance 

Our Climate survey package is a leader in meeting state requirements for survey compliance. For example, we are honored to have the first full-service sexual misconduct survey approved by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education to meet the statutory requirements under Chapter 337 of the Acts of 2020, commonly called the 2021 Campus Sexual Assault Law.

Campus Climate Surveys

Joe Storch and his extraordinary team impressed us with their expertise and leadership with a highly effective survey package. Not only was the instrument easy to use and cost effective, but also the level of detail and analysis in their custom report and post-survey briefings were significant. They briefed various stakeholders on the intricacies and the interpretation necessary to fully understand the results. Our Executive Team appreciated the Grand River Survey’s Summary & Recommendations, which offered us clarity, flexibility, and an action-focused approach. Working with Grand River Solutions to create and carry out this important survey has provided us with an important contribution to our response and prevention plan, making it unique to the needs of our community.

MarJy Fischer

Title IX Coordinator, Columbia University

Joseph Storch

Senior Director of Compliance and Innovation

About the Team

The Innovation Team behind our Climate Surveys has helped create numerous state and federal public policies to combat violence and harassment. We have successfully led the development, implementation, and analysis of some of the nation’s largest academic climate surveys. Our work includes providing testimony to Congress and advice to lawmakers across party lines and among all levels of government. Grand River Solutions has harnessed that expertise to carefully fine-tune an affordable survey package that is highly effective at pinpointing specific and workable actions, accessible to all schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

“I have a state survey requirement. Can you help?”

Yes! Our surveys are designed to meet state-specific requirements. Whether you are in a state that requires each college and university to conduct a survey, or you simply want to make sure that you are understanding your community in order to enact meaningful changes, we can help.

“It’s been years since our last climate survey. Where do we start?”

We can help your institution implement a survey to measure baseline data and provide practical insights and recommendations so you can start now by making changes to policy, process, and practice.

“What climate surveys do you offer?”

We currently offer four targeted climate surveys: Sexual Misconduct for Students, Sexual Misconduct for Faculty and Staff, Access, Culture & Community for Students, and Access, Culture & Community for Faculty and Staff.

“Do campus climate surveys need to be approved by the IRB?

Our surveys have undergone review and have been approved by Ethical & Independent Review Services, an independent IRB. If your institution’s IRB requires an additional application for approval, then we can assist in preparing those documents.

“It says you will provide promotional materials, but I don’t really have any experience marketing surveys.”

In addition to the promotional materials, we will include practical tips, tricks, and resources for marketing surveys, generating awareness, and increasing survey response rates on your campus. 

What’s Included?

The following items are included with the purchase of one survey. Further customizations and services are available for an additional cost.

Survey Instrument and Administration

One survey for either students and/ or employees on sexual misconduct or Access, Culture & Community.

Promotional Materials

Digital and printable materials for campuses to use to promote the survey, generate awareness, and drive interest. 


A clear and concise report with practical recommendations to help institutional leaders understand where to take action. 

Raw Data

A CSV file and/or dashboard with all response data, de-identified to preserve participant confidentiality.

Briefing Session

A presentation of the survey findings and live Question and Answer session.

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