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We are looking to hire excellent candidates to join our nearly 100-member team of dedicated Title IX, Equity and Clery professionals who want to be part of a thriving and growing company that’s shifting the paradigm on how schools and companies manage harassment and discrimination.

Our full-time remote staff is made up of expert practitioners who choose to forge a better path for thousands of students and employees nationwide. We come from a variety of backgrounds, be it lawyers, PhDs, experienced Title IX Coordinators or investigators—what we have in common is that we have done the work in the field.

Good people, meaningful work, competitive pay, no commute, health benefits, profit-sharing, stocks and a 401K?  That’s a dream job.

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virtual info session

Join us for an upcoming Virtual Info Session where talented individuals like you can explore career opportunities with Grand River Solutions.

Do you have experience in higher ed, K-12, government, or private businesses with work as a Title IX Coordinator, an EEO Officer, an ADA Specialist, or a Resolutions Specialist?

Hear from some of our team leaders and get all your questions answered, such as: What’s it like to work for a private firm? How does remote work function?

The session will be held on Zoom so you can attend anonymously if you choose.

Interested in learning more?