We’ve helped write the books on Title IX, Equity and Clery. Whether it’s testifying before the U.S. senate, being part of a team to draft legislation, or working with universities and state governments to develop, fine-tune, or enact policy, our team members have devoted their careers to providing more equitable educational and work environments across the country. It’s our goal to support employees and students at every level and size institution, so we can all move beyond simple compliance and enact lasting change.


To support institutions in furthering their Title IX, Equity, and Clery goals by uniquely working with each community in developing systematic change that not only meets compliance requirements but also creates a sustainable framework for mutual respect.


When our clients work with Grand River Solutions, they find something that is unparalleled at other firms: Our People. That’s because we do not outsource our talent—we gather talent. We pride ourselves on innovation and in-the-field experience. Our diverse and deep pool of team members are all full-time staff who share the same values and practice with the same highest standards.

Responsive Partnership

We are committed to working with clients in an accessible and collaborative manner that ensures our work is reflective of their needs and campus culture, vision, and values. We are responsive to their campus-wide challenges and goals.


Grand River Solutions earns the trust and respect of our clients and their stakeholders by consistently demonstrating professionalism and ethics, unbiased expertise, and an unflagging passion for creating safer and more equitable campus environments.


Our solutions transform how institutions approach their federal and state obligations and work cultures. Through expertise, customized software, and education, our team facilitates a systematic process that increases transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Our Story—A Conversation with our Founders

Did you know we started as a nonprofit with the goal to support as many schools as possible, regardless of ability to pay? Our mission remains aligned: providing affordable solutions to every school no matter their size or resources. Get to know us by watching videos that cover how we started, our approach to work, new offerings, our goals for the future, and the origin of our name. Hint: Grand River Solutions has nothing to do with a travel adventure.

The Origin Story

Becoming Grand River Solutions

Why the Name Grand River Solutions?

New Products and Services on the Horizon

Using Data to Help Institutions

What it Means to Do This Work

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