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Grand River Solutions offers an expansive suite of training facilitated by an interdisciplinary team of practioners and subject-matter experts. Our sessions equip attendees with knowledge, guidance of best practices, and practical advice needed to excel in their roles while maintaining compliance with relevant regulatory guidelines and policies. 



Learn from our nationally recognized facilitators when you choose from our core Title IX training topics. Join our engaged experts for informed and practical training to stay up-to-date on best practices. Taking on the changing landscape of regulations is even easier when you purchase a flexible bundle of sessions for substantial savings—train with your team now to prepare for New Regs implementation.

Clery Products and Services


The Clery Act has a significant impact on the work colleges and universities do to keep students safe and be transparent about policies and incidents. Grand River Solutions offers training on the Clery Act that covers the waterfront on these critical campus safety laws. Our live virtual or in-person trainings can benefit professionals ranging from beginners to seasoned Clery compliance professionals.


ADA & 504

There are an increasing number of cases with complex accommodation requests. Employees and students may have concerns that overlap and need immediate intervention under ADA or 504; crossover concerns may intersect with EEO and Title IX.

Our ADA/504 training team has the expertise to help you define a strategy to identify and address the elements of basic to complex student cases and support your campus in the concepts of Universal Design.

Our Client Engagement Team

Interested in scheduling a training or learning more about creating a custom training or training package that works for your organization? Reach out and we will connect you with the director for your region. 

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