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On April 19, 2024, the Title IX Final Rules on sex-based harassment & discrimination were released with an August 1, 2024 implementation date.

The Grand River Solutions subject matter experts are doing all the hard work, so you don’t have to. We will provide all you need for a successful transition, including practitioner-driven analyses and recommendations for preparation and implementation. Plus, we are ready to assist you with policy updates, training, consulting, and more.

This page and our News Page will be refreshed daily with updated information on how to best prepare for the implementation deadline. For complimentary access to live events, updates, forums, and more, including a recorded video of our April 25 Rapid Response Summary Session, join The River Connect. 


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1) Form a Clear Action Plan

1) Consider sending a message to your community acknowledging the new regulations and sharing your process and timeline to come into compliance.

2) Activate your Title IX stakeholder team. Gather representatives who have a link to the Title IX policy and process, as well as prevention and training teams.

3) Indentify groups to be trained and determine when and how they will be trained. 

4) Prepare your timeline for making changes, considering applicable levels of review and approval. For example, does your Board of Trustees have to vote on your revised policy?

5) Review and revise for compliance with the new rules: update your policies, procedures, forms, templates, checklists, and your trainings for your campus community.

6) Ensure Title IX personnel receive updated training ahead of the implementation date.

2) Update Your Policy & Procedures 

We have created Supported Model Policies that comply with the 2024 Title IX Regulations and can be customized to reflect your unique institution:

  • Institutional Branding
  • Preferred Institutional Language
  • Where the regs allow for discretion in process, the client will select desired process from a list of pre-drafted options.

State specific Supported Model Policy customizations are available for New York, California, Maryland, Washington, Texas, and Oregon.


    Title IX Policy


    The Title IX Policy includes procedures for the resolution of complaints of sex and gender based harassment that pertain to conduct prohibited under current Title IX regulations.


    Nondiscrimination & Anti-harassment Policy

    Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy includes procedures for the resolution of complaints that pertain to unlawful discrimination and harassment based on all protected classes, including sex and gender.




    Your Subtitle Goes Here

    – Custom formatting
    – Resource package, including:

      • Procedure specific informational letters
      • No Contact Directives
      • Formal Complaint
      • Notice of Allegations
      • Notice of Hearing
      • Process Flow Charts
      • Process Checklists

    REMINDER: Consultants can also support you in incorporating obligations codified in existing policies that may intersect with Title IX, such as those from state and local laws and collective bargaining agreements.

    For those communities who wish to create policies specifically for your institution:

    Collaborative Policy Review & Development

    Grand River Solutions will work with your team to review and assess your institution’s Title IX, Sexual Misconduct, or Non-Discrimination policies. You can choose to work with us in one of two ways:

    • Create or Update – Ask our team to review and assess your current policies and procedures and then develop new or updated, compliant policies and procedures with input from campus leaders and stakeholders; or

    • Offer Suggestions – Ask us to provide feedback and guidance on your existing policies and procedures and offer suggestions to ensure policies and procedures are compliant with federal law and follow best practices.


    3) Phone a Friend

    Our Practioner-experts are here for consulting when you need us. We’ve travelled the route of past new regs and can help steer the path to a smooth transition.

    4) Train with Practioners Who've Done the Work

    Sign up for New Regs Training

    Join the experts at Grand River Solutions for a 4-hour in-depth training on the 2024 Final Rule and its impact on colleges and universities, plus a separate 4-hour training for K-12 employees. Schedule now for spring & summer sessions.

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    Director of Consulting Services

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    Joseph Storch

    Senior Director of Compliance & Innovation


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    Co-Founder & Managing Director

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    Kelly Gallagher

    Title IX Coordinator Services, Prod. Mgr.


    Adam Wolkoff

    Assistant Director of Resolution Services

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    Title IX Coordinator Services


    Contact us for Private or In Person Training or

    View the video of the Grand River Solutions expert practitioners  as they guide you through an overview of the 2024 Title IX Final Rules. Sign up for The River Connect to get full access.


    5) Support Your Work with The Right Software

    The New Regs have created heightened expectations for managing caseloads, reminding institutions to provide more transparency and to communicate in a prompt manner with the parties. As practitioners, we’ve seen how easy it is to lose track of a timeline or to conflate various procedures. The 2024 Rules will require a more systematic approach to get the job done effectively. Here are some key take aways:

    Enhanced Duties for the Title IX Office

    The Title IX Coordinator is now responsible for monitoring and documenting barriers to reporting and for taking steps to address those barriers, requiring clearer connections between prevention and response.

    More Data To Track & Manage

    There are new response obligations for all complaints of sex discrimination, meaning there will be a wider breadth of cases and an increased number of complaints to manage.

    Multiple Paths for Compliance

    Institutions have flexibility in regard to some procedural options, but are required to have those processes written in their policy and to have those phases and steps be transparent, equitable, and accessible to all.


    Case Tracker, our software solution, is simply the premier resource available for meeting the demands of your Title IX & Equity office.


    automatically checks those added expectations off your to-do list, which include the collection of data that you need to fulfill your monitoring obligations

    organizes, defines, and automates the processes for each type of case, based on the applicable policy

    systemizes the timeline so you won’t miss deadlines or communications, employing reminders and alerts when a phase or step that has been set by your policy is due

    offers in-app communications with the parties, including status updates, so you can be prompt, equitable and transparent

    produces the data that demonstrates the effectiveness of your Title IX response processes, engendering trust in the system


    New Regs Information 2

    Get Ready for the August 1st implementation date by finding out today what Case Tracker can do for your community. Plus, talk to our Client Engagement Team about combining Case Tracker with Policy & Consulting Services to create a cost-saving package.

    6) Stay Current with the News

    Join The River Connect with a complimentary membership and follow us on socials and we will send out a notice everytime we have a news update or special event.

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