Advanced Title IX Coordinator Training

This training is geared towards individuals with at least 2 years of Title IX experience or who have attended our basic Title IX Coordinator training.  This interactive training will utilize experiential learning to help attendees navigate complex issues through scenario based activities and hands on discussion.

This training will cover topics related to clarifying expectations and boundaries for parties, navigating pushback from a dissatisfied campus community, best practices for removing barriers to support all communities, and establishing boundaries in your role on campus.


Overview of Topics:

This training will cover cases related to: 

  • Appropriately addressing dissatisfied parties and clarifying expectations for the Title IX process in a trauma informed way
  • Developing communication strategies in response to a hostile community of critics
  • Strategically educating on the Title IX process in response inquiries in a way that maintains community trust and privacy requirements
  • Engaging and educating faculty members and/or responsible employees
  • Supporting and managing the unique needs of marginalized communities

Intended Audience:

Individuals with at least 2 years of Title IX experience or who have attended our basic Title IX Coordinator training.

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