Zakiya Rahman

Marketing & Design Coordinator

Zakiya Rahman is the Marketing & Design Coordinator at Grand River Solutions. She is an experienced graphic designer with specializations in branding, advertising, editorial, print, and web design. With a professional background encompassing roles at Kinetic Brands, NYC HRA – Office of Communication + Marketing, Symphony Space, United Activities Unlimited Inc., and NYCRG (New York City Restaurant Group), she has demonstrated her skills in marketing and design across diverse sectors, including hospitality, B2C, and non-profit organizations.

Zakiya is recognized for her contributions to crafting and promoting brand identities, managing diverse design materials for web, social, advertising, and print, and playing a vital role in various campaigns and product launches. She pursued her Graphic Design BFA at the School of Visual Arts and holds certifications as an Adobe Certified Associate in Visual Communication and in Adobe Photoshop. Zakiya is deeply passionate about innovative design solutions and strives to make a lasting impact through compelling visual storytelling.