About Grand River Solutions

Multidisciplinary Experts Delivering Real-World Solutions

Our founders come from a background of education, law, human resources, technology, and non-profit service. We have decades of direct, on-campus experience at both small and large, public, private, and faith-based institutions. This experience enables us to offer customized solutions unique to the needs of your campus.

Our hands-on approach is highly collaborative and unique to each campus. We embrace the individual mission, values, resources, and culture of each school and community, leading to economical solutions that maximize existing resources. Our methodology encourages lasting change by engaging all stakeholders and shapeholders maximizing institutional, individual, and community transformations. Grand River Solutions has a suite of creative, cost-effective and compliant solutions to help schools meet their needs in innovative ways.


To help create safe and equitable work and educational environments.


Bring systemic change to how school districts and institutions of higher education address their Clery Act and Title IX obligations.

Diversity Matters

Understanding, recognizing, and addressing the impact of discriminatory bias is at the heart of our work. We stand in support of equity and against harassment and discrimination in all its forms. Our work is better because we value and learn from the diversity of thought, lived experiences, and backgrounds of our staff and the communities we serve.

Core Values

Responsive Partnership

We are committed to working with clients in an accessible and collaborative manner that ensures our work is reflective of their needs and campus culture, vision, and values. We are responsive to their campus-wide challenges and goals.


Our solutions transform K-12, colleges, and universities’ approach to their federal obligations. Through the innovative use of technology, customized software, and expertise, our team facilitates a systematic process that increases efficiencies and effectiveness.


We are accountable for providing innovative, secure, and useful technology along with support that enables our clients to advance a streamlined, institution-wide accountability of stakeholders across their Clery program processes.


We enable tangible transformation. By combining technology, proven practices, and promising practices, we deliver systemic, lasting change.


Grand River Solutions earns the trust and respect of our clients and their stakeholders by consistently demonstrating professionalism and ethics, unbiased expertise, and an unflagging passion for creating safer and more equitable campus environments.

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