Lori Makin-Byrd

Title IX Coordinator & EEO Director Services

Lori Makin-Byrd is a Senior Solutions Specialist at Grand River Solutions where she serves as an interim and permanent Title IX Coordinator. Lori previously served as the Senior Advisor to the President for Civil Rights and Title IX Coordinator at the College of Wooster. In this role, she oversaw college-wide Title IX compliance and served as the main contact point for students, faculty, and staff who experienced or had been accused of engaging in gender-based discrimination, harassment, or violence. Lori was the College’s highest-ranked equity officer and partnered with various campus constituencies to create and revise policies while centering both equity and compliance. At the College of Wooster, Lori also served as the Interim Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, assisting in restructuring and retraining Dean of Students staff.

In former roles, Lori oversaw all student conduct processes and student conduct policies, served as primary investigator on employee misconduct investigations, and served as a full-time Psychology faculty member. With a background in clinical psychology, Lori has also chaired multiple Behavioral Intervention (BIT) and Care Teams, led risk assessment efforts on multiple campuses, and served as the primary point of contact for students in crisis.

She received her Bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College and her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Arkansas.