Kevin Lineberger

Operations Specialist, Clery Solutions, Hearing Advisor

In Kevin Lineberger’s work as a Clery Solutions Specialist for Grand River Solutions, he focuses on several aspects of Clery Act compliance. Kevin leads Grand River Solutions Annual Security Report software offering, helping institutions across the country meet their compliance requirements. Kevin also provides reconciliation services of Clery crime data, manages CSA-training tacking services, and does research into emerging trends and best practices.

In addition to Kevin’s Clery work, he works with clients to review, write, and update institutional policies that are developed to meet the specific needs or our client’s while also adhering to best practices and applicable state and federal law. Further, Kevin develops and provides training for Title IX hearing advisors, highlighting best practices and effective ways to support all parties.

Prior to joining Grand River Solutions, Kevin graduated from Stetson University College of Law with a Concentration in Social Justice Advocacy, where he served on the editorial boards of Stetson’s Law Review and Journal of Advocacy and the Law. In his final semester, Kevin was chosen to be the sole Research Assistant for Stetson’s Diversity Initiative where he evaluated various schools’ DEI pipeline programming.