Jess Ettell Irvine

Title IX Coordinator Services, Clery Product Manager

Jess Ettell Irvine serves as the Clery Product Manager, working together with the Grand River Solutions Team. Responsible for overseeing Clery Services, she has deep expertise in managing the various policies and workflows required for Clery Act compliance. Jess draws from her diverse background to strategize and manage optimal solutions for our clients, with a focus on synchronizing workflows and aligning best practices with other procedures on-campus. She has helped develop our multiple Clery offerings such as ASR Complete, , consulting services, data and campus crime reconciliation, campus security authority tracking, and law enforcement outreach.

In addition to her work as Clery Product Manager, Jess serves on the Coordinator Services Team as a Title IX Coordinator and acts as an Advisor for parties during formal resolutions with our client schools.

Jess has worked in higher education for over 10 years in Title IX, Clery Compliance, Student Conduct, and other Student Affairs departments. She has held positions on a variety of campuses as Assistant Dean, Clery Compliance Coordinator, Title IX and Deputy Title IX Coordinator, and Director of Student Conduct. Her work includes prevention education and policy creation and revision, and she has led crisis response, resolutions, protocol development, and behavioral intervention teams. Notably, before she joined Grand River Solutions, Jess oversaw the development of a comprehensive, results-driven bystander intervention program that included leading education sessions for students, faculty, and staff on topics about sexual violence, alcohol and other drugs, mental health, and hazing among other topics.

Jess received her Bachelor of Science in Social Work from SUNY College at Brockport and her Master of Education, Higher Education Administration from the University at Buffalo.