Diane Bailey

Title IX Coordinator Services

Diane Bailey is a Senior Solutions Specialist at Grand River Solutions. Diane has a background in Academic Affairs, Title IX, EEO, investigations, hearings, administrative and informal resolutions, strategic planning, financial management, project development and training.

She has over a decade of experience working with senior administration, faculty, staff, students, vendors, as well as government and community leaders within the private and public sectors. Prior to joining Grand River Solutions, Diane previously served as Title IX Director at City Colleges of Chicago where she ensured a safe and inclusive environment for all members of the college community across nine campuses, including six satellite campuses. With a total of approximately 40,000 students and 4,000 employees, she upheld Title IX reporting, training, and marketing standards per federal, state, local and college standards and mandates.

Some of Diane’s key responsibilities required her to maintain and submit statistical data to federal, state, and city agencies for compliance purposes. She developed, implemented, coordinated, and conducted educational programs and initiatives that were aimed to educate and support faculty, staff, and students on their rights and obligations under Title IX. Moreover, she constructed new policy and procedures for handling sexual misconduct from the 2020 Title IX regulations, ensuring a fair and thorough reporting and grievance process. In compliance with the mandates she devised a comprehensive and robust training format intended for use by all members of the college community, including investigators, hearing officers, coordinators, advisors, security personnel, and program participants.

Diane’s dedication to Title IX began at Calumet College of St. Joseph where she developed her knowledge in student affairs. She played a pivotal role in leading the Title IX committee in the strategic development and implementation of the university’s Title IX policy and procedures. Diane actively investigated complaints related to discrimination and harassment. Her objective and fair approach enable her to determine violations and take appropriate action. While serving in the position of Title IX Coordinator she also held the position of Director of Student Life. This position required Diane to handle student conduct matters, such as the expedition of student disciplinary cases where she used different effective crisis management conflict resolutions techniques such as “Talking Circles.” Serving within Academic Affairs and Student Life Diane participated in the accreditation process and initiated leadership development opportunities for students.

Diane received her Master of Arts Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Organization Management from Calumet College of St. Joseph. Her overall goal is to use her knowledge to create safe spaces with resources that support the college community in understanding and navigating the complexities of Title IX. Diane’s dedication to promoting a safe and equitable environment always becomes evident in her continuous efforts to uphold the Title IX regulations. She firmly believes that knowledge is power, and by promoting awareness, we can create a respectful and equitable campus community for all. Her commitment to the well-being and rights of all members of the campus community makes her an invaluable asset to Grand River Solutions.