Bobby Whitehead

Title IX Investigator, Hearing Advisor

Bobby Whitehead joins Grand River Solutions as a Senior Solutions Specialist with over 10 years of experience in higher education. Bobby most recently served at the University of Alabama at Birmingham for five years. During his time at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Bobby initially served as an Investigator and then Lead Investigator in the Title IX Office before transitioning to his most recent role as Assistant Director of Community Standards and Student Accountability.

In his investigative roles Bobby conducted prompt, thorough, and impartial investigations into allegations of sexual misconduct, discrimination, retaliation, and harassment. He has a proven track record of effectuating thorough and efficient investigations into complaints involving complex allegations of sexual misconduct, dating violence, relationship violence, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, gender discrimination, and stalking. Additionally, Bobby is a certified mediator and used his skills to develop and implement an informal voluntary resolution process as an alternative option to a formalized investigative process in resolving Title IX complaints.

He received two Bachelor’s degree’s and a Master’s degree from Auburn University. Bobby resides in Birmingham, AL, where he lives with his wife, two son’s, and their miniature poodle/dachshund mix, Nala!