Department of Education expects TITLE IX NEW REGS in October

May 26, 2023 | Title IX, Proposed Title IX Regulations

It’s Gonna Be May? or Wake Me Up When September Ends?  

Sorry Justin, Green Day has it right. 

As many Americans thoughts turned towards Memorial Day and a long weekend, the Department of Education issued a blog post updating the timing on the Final Title IX Rule as well as the companion Title IX Athletics Rule. The Department had stated in its Unified Agenda that it expected the Final Rule to issue in May 2023. As of this morning, the Rule had not yet been sent to the Office of Management and Budget for review. The experts at Grand River Solutions reviewed calendars and did some math and were skeptical at best about the Final Rule issuing in May.

The Department received about 240,000 comments on the main Title IX Regulation and over 150,000 comments on the Athletics Regulation. The Department now states that it expects to issue Final Rules for both in October 2023. The Department has not yet specified whether it will require implementation for the 2024 academic year (such as July 1, following the path of the separate Higher Education Act) or will require a mid-year change, which can be complicated at public and private institutions, some of which must undergo significant policy processes or public rulemaking.

The experts at Grand River Solutions will continue to follow the regulatory process and will provide updates to the community as well as new trainings and policy revision support soon after the final regulations are issued.