Kellie Moan

Title IX & Civil Rights Investigator

Kellie J. Moan is a Senior Solutions Specialist at Grand River Solutions. Kellie’s professional career has consisted of investigative work in various capacities. Kellie previously worked for the University of Wyoming’s Equal Opportunity and Response Office as an EEO Specialist. While serving in this role, Kellie conducted investigations into allegations of discrimination, harassment and retaliation involving students, faculty and staff. She also conducted investigations of Title IX complaints as well as general hostile work environment complaints. Kellie continued similar investigative work at the University of Colorado, Denver and Anschutz Medical Campuses as a Civil Rights Investigator, Manager of Investigations and Deputy Title IX Coordinator. In these roles, Kellie also gained experience in live hearings, as well as informal and educational resolutions.

In addition to her work in higher education, Kellie has experience in the private sector and has investigated alleged misconduct in the workplace, including workplace bullying and retaliation. In this role, Kellie also provided counseling and mediation to impacted parties.

She received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Wyoming College of Law and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Colorado State University-Pueblo.

She resides in Aurora, Colorado where she lives with her husband, Kevin, and their two cats Ray and Leo.