Jill Moffitt

Title IX Coordinator & EEO Director Services, Hearing Officer

Dr. Jill Moffitt joins Grand River Solutions as a Senior Solutions Specialist with more than 20 years of experience in higher education. Dr. Moffitt previously served as a Title IX Coordinator in the University of North Carolina System where she also served as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. Dr. Moffitt has a background in student conduct, organizational leadership, Title IX and EEO investigations, live hearings, administrative and informal resolutions, and bias incident response protocols to address campus climate issues.

Dr. Moffitt has presented on various topics and intersections of Title IX and Higher Education including Gender Identity and Gender Diverse Considerations; Athletics, Fraternity and Sorority Life; Kink, Fetish and Title IX; Sexual Dynamics of the LGBTQIA Community; Sexual Dynamics of Communities of Color; Risk Prevention; Bystander Intervention; and Faculty/Staff Considerations and Requirements.

She received her Bachelor’s Degree from New Mexico State University, her Master’s degree from Ball State University, and her Doctorate from the University of Vermont.

She resides in Asheville, NC, where she lives with her wife, daughter, and their Bichon Frise, Archie!