Jahanna Azarian

Director of Marketing

Jahanna Azarian is the Director of Marketing for Grand River Solutions.

She has been a cornerstone of the Grand River Solutions team since its early days, from her initial role as consultant to her current position. She manages the marketing team and is responsible for devising and executing the tactical plans and campaigns that drive customer acquisition, engagement, and revenue generation. Jahanna works closely with the Brand Director to devise and implement marketing and brand strategy and interfaces with the Business Development Team to analyze customer needs and develop responsive and effective campaigns.

Jahanna’s passion for equitable access in education was ignited during her time at Stetson University College of Law. As a student, Jahanna served as an associate in the Center for Excellence where she was selected to complete a Fellowship in Higher Education Law and Policy. Mentored by Professor Peter Lake, she delved deeply into the intricacies of federal and state policies, particularly focusing on Title IX. As a student leader, she initiated impactful initiatives such as the establishment of the Stetson Law food pantry and excelled in advocacy competitions, securing championships in mediation and client counseling.

Selected as an EVERFI Fellow in 2018, Jahanna expanded her impact in higher education, producing insightful webinars and white papers on prevention practices. Her expertise encompassed topics including sexual violence prevention, mental health, and equity and inclusion initiatives.

Before embarking on her legal career, Jahanna demonstrated her leadership abilities in the hospitality industry, managing prominent establishments in Gainesville, Florida. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in classical studies from the University of Florida. She is a resident of St. Petersburg, Florida and serves as a coach for Stetson Law’s Dispute Resolution Board.