Erin Slater-Wu

Operations Specialist

Erin Slater-Wu is an Operations Specialist with Grand River Solutions. Erin has extensive experience working in higher education, namely in student conduct and Title IX adjudication. Prior to her time at Grand River Solutions, Erin worked at UC Berkeley where she was instrumental in creating transparency in the hearing process for Title IX adjudication, building robust internal processes for the student conduct and Title IX adjudication processes, as well as overhauling the recruitment and training process for members of the Committee on Student Conduct.

Erin is passionate about making campus adjudication processes equitable, transparent, and fair to the greatest extent possible. She believes that this starts with supporting the success of those conducting investigations, hearing cases, and reviewing appeals so they can perform their jobs as effectively as possible.

Erin received her Master of Science in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota.