Alison Nygard

Title IX & Civil Rights Investigator, Hearing Officer

Alison Nygard joined the team with over ten years of experience in higher education. She has been conducting investigations, serving as a hearing officer, and providing various types of campus support in her time with Grand River Solutions

Alison served as an Associate Director of Equal Opportunity at her previous University in the California State University (CSU) system. She fulfilled the functions of both Deputy Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation (DHR) Administrator for her campus, conducting hundreds of investigations and inquiries along the way.

Alison is accustomed to providing calm and efficient consultations in response to complex issues as well as to working with diverse groups of staff, faculty, students, administrators, and even third parties in an ever-changing legal landscape. She played a vital role in organizing her former campus’s training and outreach efforts. She has presented trainings to campus communities both on compliance with University policies and on effective and trauma-informed response to reported incidents, particularly those of dating violence, stalking, and sexual misconduct.

Alison takes seriously the charge of serving as a neutral arbitrator and aims to build trust in any adjudication process. While not everyone will agree with outcome on any given case, she can assure all parties and witnesses that the statements and evidence they provide will be reviewed fairly and in an unbiased manner.

Alison earned her bachelor’s degree from Rice University and her Juris Doctorate from the University of California, Davis – King Hall.