Change starts today. Grand River Solutions is thrilled to announce our newest innovative offerings brought to you by the Grand River Innovations team. Our Sexual Misconduct and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) climate surveys for students and employees are aimed at lowering barriers to access, completion, and implementation while providing institutions with clear results specifically tied to interventions. Driven by a desire to offer meaningful, long-term change, our survey offerings help campuses assess areas of improvement, generate actionable insights, and help build on existing strengths.

“We’ve spent our careers helping colleges and universities of all sizes and budgets go beyond the minimum, but being responsive after reports are made isn’t enough” said Jody Shipper, Managing Director. “We are so excited that these tools will help institutions measure where they are and then receive guidance to get to where we all want to be.”

In addition to our work on campus climate surveys, we are proud to launch the Grand River Community Connect, a national network for equity professionals to learn together and share knowledge, ideas, and best practices. The Community Connect features sub-networks dedicated to specific topics tailored to professionals working in campus climate research, administration, response, prevention, and intervention. The Campus Climate Community is the first online network solely dedicated to using data to impact campus climate.

Senior Director of Compliance and Innovation Solutions Joseph Storch said, “We are rolling out our Sexual Misconduct and DEI climate surveys to help institutions gather the data to understand where they are as well as a campus climate community to help institutions get where they aspire to be. We all have the shared goal to make every educational institution inclusive, fair, equitable, safe, and inspiring for students and employees. Let’s work to meet that goal together.”

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