Johnetta Banks

Title IX Coordinator Services

Dr. Johnetta Banks works in Title IX Coordinator Services at Grand River Solutions. She has a background in student affairs, student code of conduct, academic affairs, Title IX and EEO investigations, formal and alternative resolutions, hearing officer/decision maker, mediation, in-person student conduct hearings, ADA & 504, policy and procedures, and advocacy,

Dr. Banks has over ten years of experience working with staff, faculty, and students in for-profit, private, and public higher education institutions. Before joining Grand River Solutions, Johnetta served as the Dallas College Title IX Coordinator, where she managed college compliance, led campus-wide training on Title IX, and led alternative and formal resolutions. She also oversaw cases of allegations that led to investigations of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation involving students, faculty, and staff.

Johnetta received her Administrative Leadership Doctor of Education and a Human Resource Management Master of Science from Walden University. She also has a Teaching Social Sciences Master of Arts—Psychology and Sociology, and a Criminal Justice Master of Science from Grambling State University.

She resides in Dallas, TX, with her husband, four children, and their dog Zeke.