Courtney Snow

Courtney Snow, a Title IX & Civil Rights Investigator at Grand River Solutions, has extensive experience from serving as a Title IX Coordinator, an ADA Coordinator, and a Clery Coordinator at Piedmont University and Emmanuel University in Georgia. In her various capacities, she was responsible for investigating university complaints involving discrimination and harassment based on protected classes. She has served as the coordinator, a hearing panel member, an advisor, and an investigator in Title IX cases involving both employee and student populations. In addition, she spent seven years serving in the Office of Student Conduct both as a director and an investigator. Courtney developed policies and procedures on her campuses for the accommodations process as well as procedures for handling employee grievances, student conduct violations, non-discrimination and anti-harassment complaints, minors on campus, and sexual misconduct.

Courtney worked in conjunction with campus constituencies to develop programmatic initiatives related to the prevention of sexual violence, the protection of minors on campus, diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, and campus safety.  She has conducted numerous trainings for faculty, staff, and students related to the areas of discrimination, harassment, ADA, Title IX, and Clery. Courtney has served on several sexual assault task forces within her community and has partnered with local victim assistance programs to better serve the campus community at large. She has also served with the and Schools Commission on Colleges as a peer reviewer.

Courtney received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Emmanuel University in 2012 and received a Master’s in Higher Education Administration & Student Affairs from the University of Georgia in 2016. She currently resides in Georgia with her husband and two boys.