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Live Virtual Training for 129A, 129B



Complying with These Important New York Laws

Nearly ten years ago, Education Law Article 129-B joined the longstanding higher education facing Article 129-A, with significant and detailed requirements for how colleges and universities respond to and prevent sexual and interpersonal violence. Hailed at the time as cutting-edge, the nation-leading concepts originated in that law have since been adopted by states across the country, and parts even found their way into proposed and issued federal legislation and regulations. The two laws are detailed and in July 2024, every college and university in the state will be required to make a full submission to the State Education Department to document their compliance.  


Overview of Session:

In this Grand River Solutions exclusive session, Andrea Stagg and Joseph Storch will dive deep into every element of Articles 129-A and 129-B for our New York colleagues. Storch and Stagg coordinated the working group that drafted the policies that preceded 129-B, provided advice and support to lawmakers drafting the legislation, and assisted in drafting regulations and compliance guidance issued by SED. They have worked closely on a number of resource and guidance documents, have advised institutional and association leadership as well as lawmakers and government agency staff on essential elements of the law, and have individually and collectively trained colleagues on these laws across the Empire State. 

They will cover all of the compliance requirements and provide specific insights, legislative history and reasons for various elements of the law, practice pointers to ensure and then move beyond basic compliance, and relevant resources that can assist in self-assessment before the reporting window opens. As one might expect, there will be some humor, some stories, lots of gifs and memes, and plenty of opportunity to ask questions. 




Details for the 129-A 129-B Training

Topics Covered and Who Should Attend


In this training, we will cover the following topics within the New York State Articles 129-A and 129-B

  • General overview of each law 
  • Overlap with federal laws (Clery Act, Violence Against Women Act, Title IX, FERPA) 
  • Basic and Full Certification Requirements (including the 2024 obligations) 
  • Article 129-A Background and History 
  • Rules for the Maintenance of Public Order 
  • Advisory Committee Standards 
  • Hate Crime and Bias Related Crimes (including the 2023/2024 Updates) 
  • Fire Safety Requirements 
  • Appointment of Certain Officers 
  • Marketing, Opioid, Medication Abortion, Student Athlete Requirements 
  • Article 129-B Background and History 
  • General Standards and Definitions 
  • Affirmative Consent 
  • Amnesty 
  • Bill of Rights 
  • Response Requirements: All Elements 
  • Transcript Notations 
  • MOU’s, Forensic Exams, and Partnerships 
  • Climate Surveys 
  • Confidential and Private Disclosure Rules 
  • Prevention, Awareness, and Training 
  • Privacy in Legal Challenges 
  • Aggregate Reporting of Data 

Who Should Attend: 

This training is appropriate for New York State public and private college professionals who have a role in Title IX or Equity work, University Police or Public Safety, Student Affairs (including Conduct, Housing, Orientation, and Campus Activities), Registrar, Athletics, Compliance, Risk Management, and Counsel. 

Andrea Stagg

Andrea Stagg

Director of Consulting Services

Joseph Storch

Joseph Storch

Senior Director of Compliance & Innovation Solutions

Our Guide to Compliance With New York State Education Law Article 129-A and 129-B

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